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Growing a business is a matter of choice and can be thrilling!

Ever Visualized a 5X growth for your business? How many more units to be sold, people to be employed, customers to be acquired to reach that mark?

Entrepreneurs often struggle with scaling businesses after the initial product/service is built and first few customers signed in. Even though, in some cases, the business may be doing reasonably well, there may be phases of stagnation where redefining the business models becomes crucial. As an entrepreneur you might have faced similar challenges. This workshop will help you address these common yet distinctive themes and provide suggestions through discussing real-life scenarios. Divided into 7 interactive sessions 30 minutes each, the workshop is aimed to help you think beyond current constraints, identify biases and understand the following crucial elements to the "scaling up" goalpost.

1. Positioning - Focus vs the risk of having all eggs in the same basket, differentiating your product/service, demonstrating your niche
2. Sales - Growing Sales faster, building highly motivated sales teams, influencing customers perception of the product
3. Team Building - Hiring peers, setting up ESOP and other incentives
4. Business Metrics - Measuring Business Performance - what & how to measure, setting up internal systems and measures
5. The Right Capital Structure to Scale - Raising funds from VCs, what are the trade-offs 
6. Mentoring and Board - leveraging your board
7. Exit - what it means, should you hire a CEO, should you sell the company?

Date and Time:
Jan 19th, 10am - 4pm

International Youth Centre, Teen Murti Marg, Chanakyapuri


Since this will be an interactive workshop, we will only be able to accept registrations from 15 companies on a first come first serve basis to make this discussion effective. It is preferable to have 2 members from the senior leadership from your company to participate in order to benefit from the discussions and exercises. 

 Member companies Rs 500 per delegate

Non Members INR 1000 per delegate


Dr Anand Deshpande, MD & CEO - Persistent Systems

"Having personally experienced these symptoms and having been through various growth phases at Persistent over the last 22 years, I find that Companies go through different phases of growth and I have observed that in each phases we have had to do things differently and do different things to help us grow.
In the workshop, I would like to share my personal experience of growing Persistent. I would be delighted to work with Companies and discuss what it would take to grow the business five times. "


Jyoti Makhija, 91 11 47670100,


International Youth Centre, 2nd Floor
New Delhi, Delhi